Often, these two elements, which can improve the car’s aerodynamics and to optimize the ambient airflow, are confused among themselves.

Spoiler and anti-wingFirst of all, there are significant differences in appearance. Spoilers have one working surface, and are installed in the front, rear and roof. They look not as a separate element, but as a continuation of the body of the car. Anti-wings are mounted on special racks, have two working surfaces and rise above the rear part of the car.

Front spoiler is mounted under the bumper, and it serves to direct the flow so as to produce a so-called “ground-effects”, when region of low pressure is formed in the underbody and a higher pressure on, presses it to the road surface. It also increases the downforce of the front axle.

The rear spoiler is positioned on the trunk lid or rear of the roof. It is better to load the rear axle at high speeds, and to reduce pollution of rear window.

The name “anti-wing” speaks for itself. It creates, unlike wing, not lift, but pressing force.

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